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Here’s what’s new…Tarot & Graphology: How to Deepen your Tarot Readings with Handwriting

Learn how to add Graphology to your Tarot Readings, simply and painlessly.  This book takes you through 30+ traits that you can identify in the writing of you Querents. Discover how much more you can tell. How much more you can help your Querents. And how much farther you can go when you combing handwriting and Tarot. It’s a magical combination.

tarot and handwritting
Tarot & Handwriting
now available

Tarot & Handwriting together are unbeatable combo. You will find pages explaining how it works and blog posts of example readings. Also links to my YouTube videos of Tarot & Handwriting Readings.

My_Inspirational_Relationship Journal My Inspirational Relationship Journal:
Write from the Heart

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I have an entire series of Inspirational Journals each with an individual focus and topic. Visit My Inspirational Journals.com for more…

happiness course cover 231x300 The Happiness CourseWould you like to be happier? Have a more optimistic, cheerful outlook on life? To be one of the people that when something knocks them down they get right back up as hopeful and cheery as ever?

The Happiness Course can help.

Many books on Handwriting Analysis can are at Handwriting Analysis Books.com

What’s new is always changing, so check back regularly.

Would you like a Handwriting reading? Or a Tarot & Handwriting reading?
I offer both of these via Skype or email. Please contact me with any questions or to book a reading.