Finding love: What stands in my way? Tarot & Handwriting Reading #1

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3 card Tarot Spread: 6 of Wands, Hanged Man and Temperance: Tarot and Handwriting Reading

How it works:

What stands in the way of me finding love is just one of the questions that combining Tarot and Handwriting can help you answer.

A Tarot and Handwriting Reading first shows the reading from the Tarot. This tells the story. Next we look at the Handwriting to see in what way the personality and temperament it shows will either enhance or jeopardize what the Tarot is foretelling. 

Often the Handwriting will show something that also shows in the Tarot. This means that what the Tarot is showing, in this instance, is a natural way for this querent to behave. So it will probably work out well. 

When the Handwriting shows something that could hinder the story told in the Tarot, the querent can be warned of their inclination (as shown in the Handwriting) and how it might interfere with the positive outcome suggested by the Tarot. 

When a negative outcome is suggested by the Tarot, the Handwriting can show strengths the querent has that can help them overcome or deal with the difficulties ahead. 

The two working together in a Tarot and Handwriting reading giving a wider view than either one can do alone. They integrate seamlessly and naturally to give a comprehensive reading.

Querent’s Question

What stands in the way of me finding love?

Tarot Reading 

(Using the 3 card spread shown above): You have every chance of success in finding love. Passion and fire are there for you and success can come. You appear to be taking time out at the moment to look at things from a different perspective and to think things through. 

Adding Handwriting to your Tarot Readings:
Graphology expands your readings.

Stay on an even keel and remain flexible to how things might play out. You may find that love will find you as your balance and equanimity will help you find your direction – and be found. I would say that after some thought as to what you are doing versus what you see as possible to do about this situation you will come up with a well thought out, calm plan which will prove successful.

Handwriting Reading

Writing of this Querent: Tarot and Handwriting Reading:

Since keeping on an even keel is in the Tarot reading, it is good to see that your writing echoes just that. No matter how you may feel inside, you have an innate ability to handle most situations calmly and in a balanced way. 

You set high goals for yourself. Because of this you see yourself as failing when you have done what others might consider success. Perhaps try not being so hard on yourself. Instead use your balanced personality to accept that just because you haven’t found the love you want yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t. 

Taking time out to think about things is also something you have the ability to do. You are in general a calm and objective thinker. Once you’ve thought things through, go ahead and do whatever seems like the best idea at the time. Your writing shows someone who generally is successful in whatever they put their mind to, so go for it.

The one thing that it might be worth keeping in mind with a relationship is that most people are not mind readers. You tend to keep your feelings pretty much to yourself. So my advice would be that when you find someone you feel deeply for, make a definite effort to tell them so. Show them how you feel so that they will not leave feeling you do not care and instead show their affection and feelings for you.


So you will see that the Tarot reading does all any normal Tarot reading would do as it shows how things are likely to play out. And the Handwriting comes in with information that will register strongly with the Querent as they recognize these personality traits and behavior patterns as their own. The benefit of pointing these out is that by being more aware of their tendencies the Querent is in a much better position to make the very best of what they have going for them. It also empowers them to notice and curb any self-defeating tendencies.

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