What do I need to know about…? Tarot & Handwriting Reading #3

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What do I need to know about Rick, the new guy who contacted me on the online dating site? This Tarot & Handwriting reading example #3 is in answer to a questions about an online dating relationship.


I have just written a brief tarot reading, since this blog in intended for people who already read tarot. However, I do need to show some reading since the handwriting reading relates to what the tarot reading says. So whether or not you agree fully with my brief tarot reading, please accept it as is, and instead focus on how the handwriting reading relates to it.

At the end you will find a brief description of how to identify a few of the traits mentioned in the handwriting reading.


What do I need to know about Rick, the new guy who contacted me on the online dating site?

Tarot Cards:

Lovers, 3 pentacles, 8 cups.

Tarot Reading: The Lovers, 3 pentacles, 8 cups Tarot Cards
What do I need to know about Rick?

Tarot Reading:

Initially in this relationship there will appear to be a strong connection, a romantic connection and things will be looking good.  Some teamwork will happen as the two of you work at creating a relationship. However in the end it looks like you will decide this is just not for you and, unhappily, you will walk away.  You’re intuition will be telling you that this is just not what it seems and you will leave.

Handwriting Reading:

What do I need to know about Rick, that shows in the writing? Here it is.

Your overall attitude is that of being optimistic and very emotionally expressive, so in a romantic relationship you will be expecting the best and showing it.  You will invest strongly in the connection from an emotional standpoint.

However, you sometimes have trouble getting started on what you want to do.  Once you are off and running, you are great, with lots of determination to keep you going. But just getting started in the first place sometimes is a problem for you. In this relationship is it possible you are holding back from something you would do well to be doing if you want the relationship to succeed?

Another thing that might be holding you back is your distrust, or at least the time you take to develop trust in new situations and new people.

The cards indicate that you will eventually walk away from this relationship, and this will be driven by emotion, which will be strongly expressed by you – perhaps in private, perhaps to the other person. Probably something about him is just too different from what you are familiar and feel comfortable with. However your optimism will help you get over this and move on.

More about Adding Handwriting to your Tarot Readings:
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Personality Traits in the Writing

The first personality trait mentioned in the Handwriting Reading is optimism which shows in lines of writing going upwards to the right.

Emotional expression shows in how slanted to the right the writing is, and this writing has a strong right hand slant.

The very light, indistinct t-bars show lack of starting power and the very long lower extenders on the ‘f’s and the ‘g’ show determination to keep going once started.

Taking time to accept new situations and people shows in the lower case ‘e’s where there is no space in the loop.


So now you’ve found out what you need to know about Rick! These five traits are all easy to spot and identify, so why don’t you do a three card spread for yourself, with your own question and look at your own writing to see which of these traits you can find and how you think they would influence the reading?

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