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Electronic Animated Vision Board with Voice and MusicA Vision Board is a well known way
to help you shape the life that you want.

The traditional Vision Board involves sticking pictures – from magazine, family photos etc – onto a sheet of paper or poster board. Then you add appropriate words, either handwritten or cut out from a publication. You then hang this collage, of you life as you visualize it, somewhere you will see it frequently.

And some simple slide softwares have come out with how to make a vision board video. It usually consists of one picture with text appearing on your screen, then being replaced by another picture and text, and so on. But in this format, you never see your whole vision board at once. You can’t print it out and hang it in your home.

So I have created a video on how to make an animated, electronic vision board, that is indeed animated, but where you will have everything on one page to print out, or save as a graphic at the end. The video is lower down this page.

But first, a little bit about how a vision board does it’s work on you.

The idea is all related to programming your subconscious. Your subconscious is the part of your mind that ‘directs traffic’ – it is responsible for by far the majority of your actions. Do you, for example, have to stop and think about how to clean your teeth? Put on your shoes? Sneeze? No. Because these things are taken care of by your subconscious. They are on ‘auto-drive’ as far as your conscious mind is concerned.

So by looking regularly at your vision board, and more importantly, feeling the feelings that the things on your vision board bring to you, you are programming your subconscious to believe that these things belong in your life.

Spaced repetition is what programs the subconscious, so by looking at your vision board regularly (that’s the repetition) with a space in between each viewing (that’s the spacing) you convince your subconscious that this is the way to go. That this belongs in your life. Remember the ‘feeling’ though – looking is not enough, your subconscious related to your feelings.

And since it is your subconscious that causes most of your behavior, once it believes that all the things on your vision board belong in your life, it will do everything it can to make that happen. So your chances are good. But first you have to get that subconscious on side.

I like the idea of having a vision board to hang somewhere and look at. But I also like the idea of that being just one little bit of my vision board experience. So I developed for myself an animated video vision board, using either PowerPoint of Google Slides (I used PowerPoint since I have it on my computer) that will not only be an animated visual, but will also have sound – both voice and music.

The benefits to me are this:

  • I can still print out my poster of the vision board from the last slide on my video
  • I can create a computer graphic from it to see anywhere I like on my computer – on my desktop, by lock screen on my phone or ipad, to open whenever I’m on my computer just to view it etc.
  • I can watch the video on any of my devices, at any time.
    • (By putting it on YouTube as private, I can log into my YouTube account and watch it, but know it’s safe from others seeing it.)
    • I find this is a great way to visualize what I want in my life when I’m too tired to go through in my mind and remember all the things I want.
    • It also helps put the feeling into it, as I recorded the audio for it with real emotion.
  • I can record the audio only, from the video and use that when driving, walking or going to sleep.
    • and since I watch the video regularly anyway, just listening to the audio automatically brings the associated pictures into my mind.

So to me, the animated video Vision Board, that finishes with my entire Vision Board in front of me to gaze at for as long as I want, is easily the best, the most effective way to use a Vision Board.

The example below is not my real Vision Board – I am far to private a person to go sharing that with anyone, far less posting it on YouTube! This is just a sample vision board, intended to represent popular items that many people may want on their boards.

As you watch it, think about what you would want on your Vision Board.

First there is a very short intro to Vision Boards, then the actual sample Vision Board, followed by step by step instructions on how to make your own, using either PowerPoint or Google Slides (free online)

I hope you find it inspiring – giving you ideas for your own – and helpful.

I create Animated, Electronic Vision Boards for people who would like one but either don’t feel they can, or don’t want to create one themselves. If you are interested in this service, please contact me for details.

Here is a short course I created on Vision Boards 
(The link will give you 2 months free access to the site)

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