Tarot & Handwriting

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Using Tarot and Handwriting Analysis
Tarot & Handwriting

If you are ‘into’ Tarot you will probably be familiar with using Tarot and Astrology or Tarot and Numerology. Well, how about Tarot and Graphology?

Tarot & Graphology: How to Deepen your Tarot Readings with Handwriting
Tarot & Graphology: How to Deepen your Tarot Readings with Handwriting

Tarot and Graphology, or handwriting analysis, have much in common. Both are based on looking at illustrations of symbols which your card reader understands and can ‘translate’ into a story for you.

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The process is two fold. One is that the reader knows the meanings  of the symbols.  The second is that knowing that, they can then  allow their intuition to kick in and expand on these meanings and take into account the other symbols (tarot cards or writing strokes) around and inter-relate them all.

Handwriting consists of symbols. We tend to think of these most of the time as letters that form words which have instant meaning to us. However there is another way to look at handwriting.

Here is an example of a Tarot & Handwriting Reading

The strokes that form letters have meanings. Some entire letters have meanings. Meanings not pertaining to their part in forming words that we can read out, but meanings related to the personality of the writer. The strokes within writing are symbols that tell us a great deal about the personality of the person who wrote them.

So how does Tarot and Handwriting work?

Tarot & Handwriting Reviews

Tarot tells a story of events in the life of you, the client. Nothing there changes.

However, once the story is told, or even in the middle of the story being told, your reader can look at your writing for clarification as to how you are likely to cope or respond to the circumstances that the tarot reading is unfolding.

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For example, if the Tower card appears and you are told that there is going to be a big change, that things are likely to fall to pieces and a new start be made, your reader can then look at yourwriting and give you both encouragement and/ or warning about how you are likely to respond to this. Here is a theoretical example:

You have just had explained to you the meaning of the Tower card and your reader looks at your writing.

Will he still be happy with me when he returns: Tarot & Handwriting Reading #6:

They would then say to you something like “You will cope just find with this disturbance because you have both imagination and intuition to help you find the best way through this plus determination to keep you going. However, I do notice that you sometimes put off getting started on things. So I would recommend that you watch out for this and make sure that once you see your way, that you get going and do what needs to be done, rather than put it off.”

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This would be if they saw the strokes that indicate a calm person who will not panic, who has excellent resourcefulness ( imagination, intuition and determination) to see and take the best route through this. However they saw that you sometimes has a tendency to procrastinate, to put things off. Hence the advice they give is both encouraging but also can include alerts to things you would do well to pay attention to.

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As a Certified Graphologist with over 30 years experience, this is as easy for me to do as just identifying the letters ‘a, b and c’ – I just need to have a quick look at your writing before we start and glance at it to remind myself as I go through the reading.

I have been adding this to my Tarot readings for a while now and find it really does enhance the querent’s benefit of the reading and their understanding of how best to move forwards. It works just as well when positive or negative cards appear.  It really doesn’t matter. The cards show the events, the writing shows how best the client can respond to these events and what to pay attention to so that weaker traits have minimum effect.

If you would like to have a Tarot and Handwriting Reading, I offer these by email in  written or recorded form. If you are in Victoria, BC, Canada I also offer these readings in person.

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