Tarot & Handwriting Readings

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I offer Tarot & Handwriting Readings, or just Handwriting alone, by email, Zoom or in person (locally in Victoria, BC, Canada)

Here are some reviews of Tarot & Handwriting Readings

You provide at least 3 lines of writing, in your usual writing style, on unlined paper, and including a signature.  Your first name will do if you don’t want to send your entire signature. A good way to ask the questions you have for the Tarot is to write out these questions as your handwriting sample.

For all readings, contact me for the email address to which to send your Handwriting.

Distance Readings


For Email readings, I will provide at least a 3 Card Tarot Reading (sometimes more if a clarifier card is needed). I will also include pictures of the Tarot Spread, and a reading from your handwriting as it relates to the story told by the Tarot.


For Zoom readings, you will be asked to send me your writing by email ahead of time. Once on our call, I will draw the cards and give you both the Tarot and the Handwriting Reading verbally. You may ask as many questions as you wish and we will do as many card draws as time permits.

Pricing for Tarot & Handwriting Readings

Email Readings:

3 Card Spread with Handwriting Reading – $75

Live, Skype or Zoom Readings:

30 minutes – $75 (US)
45 minutes – $95 (US)

If you are not local, I accept payment through PayPal. Contact me and I will send you the email address to which to send your writing. I will also include a PayPal invoice. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay it – any credit card will do.)

If you are local, just contact me to set up a mutually convenient time to meet. You can either bring your writing with you, or write out your questions when we meet.

Any questions, contact me.