Tarot & Handwriting Course

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I have found so much interest from the Tarot Community in adding Handwriting to their readings,
that I have created this course

“Tarot & the Four Zones of Handwriting” Course

to launch you quickly and effectively into this Reading Combination.

Here is what you will find in this 3+ hour course:

Why would you want to add Handwriting to your Tarot Readings?
Here you will find a bevy of compelling reasons why it really is a marvelous idea!

  • The best way to go about getting writing samples from prospective/returning clients
    • You always want to get another writing sample if it’s returning clients, as they write out their current questions
    • it will show you how they really feel about the question/topic.

How to get started using Tarot and Handwriting together. Ideas, suggestions, inspiration.

The Zones System: what is it? Is it really useful (the answer is “yes” a million times over!)

So how exactly does this work? How can I relate the two to each other? This lesson will show you how.

And What are the difference between the major personality traits and the minor personality traits? Find out here.

Here are the four lessons in the Major Traits section. Each lesson consists of a 3 card Tarot Reading, followed by a reading of a handwriting sample, illustrating all of the 15 Major Personality Traits that show in this writing. You will learn how to identify the traits and how to then relate them to and combine them with the Tarot Reading.

  • Including clear illustrations
    • extensive explanation of the Handwriting
    • And examples of how to blend it with the Tarot Reading

Your Tarot Reading will of course be somewhat different from mine, but once you see what traits are present and how I relate them to my reading, it will be simple for you to relate them also to any differences in how you would read these three Tarot cards.

Here are the questions for the four Major Traits Lessons:

These four lessons are followed by two Quizzes for you to check your understanding of how to identify the traits and how to blend them into your Tarot Reading.

Here are Major Traits the Quiz Questions:

Then it’s on to the Minor Traits Lessons – again four lessons full of writing examples, explanations of how to identify the traits, and a Tarot Reading for each followed by the Handwriting Reading.

  • Including clear illustrations
    • extensive explanation of the Handwriting
    • And how to blend it with the Tarot Reading

These four lessons follow the same format as the Major Traits lessons, but are emphasizing the Minor Traits with only some mentions of the Major Traits you learned previously.

Once you’ve gone through these lessons, you’re almost there. You will have two Quizzes to check your understanding of the Minor Traits and are encouraged to identify all the Major Traits you see in these writing sample too.

Then we’ll wrap it all up with some final thoughts and tips:

And finally, a downloadable PDF document full of illustrated examples and descriptions of
all the Personality Traits mentioned in the entire course.

And you’re on your way to an exciting expansion of your Tarot Reading.

This course comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

So register today and let’s get started. You’ll love it!


If you have any questions about the course, please contact me here.