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Tarot & Graphology: Deepen your Tarot Readings with Graphololgy.

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It is easy, quick and extremely insightful: Tarot & Graphology are together work more than twice the magic of either modality alone. This book will show you how to start adding handwriting readings to your tarot readings immediately. Start with a few traits that appeal to you and add more as you go.

  • Tarot tells the Past, Present and Potential.
  • Handwriting tells Personality, Aptitude and Inclination.
  • Separately they are enlightening.
  • Together they are empowering.

A Tarot reading can be amazing in what it reveals and what it helps you understand about yourself and your life. But when you add Graphology or Handwriting Analysis the power of the reading is magnified exponentially.

The Handwriting expands on what the Tarot cards are telling.

  • It shows both what the Querent has that will help them move ahead effectively.
  • And it also points out what they might want to watch out for that might hinder positive outcomes.

This is both motivating and comforting to the Querent as it puts them in control. They now know what they have going for them that will help and they know what hindrances to avoid.

Just being aware of these things changes the Querent’s outlook as they no longer feel that ‘fate’ is in the driver’s seat. It helps them see that they have strengths that can help them through difficult times or take advantage of opportunities.

Once you know how to identify any trait from Handwriting, it is quick and easy just to glance over at the Handwriting either during or after the Tarot reading to see if it’s there and how it will relate to what the Tarot is saying.

  • Including an explanatory chapter on why Tarot and Handwriting are an effective combination
  • this book shows you step by step how to identify 30+ traits from handwriting
  • with multiple clear illustrations and explanations.
  • You will also find illustrated examples of tarot spreads along with handwriting samples.
  • These include sample Tarot readings
  • along with the additional reading from the handwriting
  • to demonstrate exactly how it they work together.

You will find each personality trait in these handwriting readings clearly identified so you can check for yourself how it appears in the writing.

  • There are quizzes for you to try out your new skills
  • and multiple examples of Tarot & Graphology readings for you to check out.

This book does not attempt to teach you how to read the Tarot. It is intended for people who already know or are learning that elsewhere and are ready to add the amazing insights that Handwriting can bring to their readings.

Stand out from the crowd. Offer Tarot & Graphology readings. Once you have the book you can start offering these services in no time.

Tarot & Graphology: Deepen your Tarot Readings with Graphololgy.

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