Where should I go from here? Tarot & Handwriting Reading #5

Question: Where should I go from here?

Below you will find a Past, Present, Obstacle, Outcome Tarot Reading, with one clarifying card.

After that is an example of handwriting, followed by a handwriting reading (Graphology) relating back to the Tarot reading. It personalizes the Tarot Reading. This shows how this writer will respond or has responded to the situations shown in the Tarot.

There is also a Conclusion of the Handwriting Reading. In it, in parenthesis, is a description of how to identify from the handwriting, the personality traits mentioned.

You will be able to look at the writing example and identify the traits mentioned. Then you will be able to apply that to looking at any other writing you may choose to look at.

Tarot & Handwriting Reading #5:

Question: Where should I go from here?

Cards drawn to answer the question "Where should I go from here?"

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Tarot Card Reading:

In the past you’ve been carrying a heavy load, or at least it’s felt like that. In the present you are reminiscing of the happy times you had in the past. But the obstacle to that is the need to become someone who is financially secure. It may be that the heavy load in the past was lack of finances and this is creating worry for the future.

The cards show that the future holds happy times with family & friends. This echoes the happy times you are thinking about right now.

Clarifying how this happiness will happen in spite of the strong need to make money, is the Empress. This is the only major arcana in the spread. It therefore has lots of power or ‘clout.’ The Empress indicates abundance in all areas of life.

Conclusion of Tarot Reading:

The reading would seem to suggest that if you just enjoy life abundance both financial and emotional will come to you.  Don’t let the need to make lots of money get you down or dominate your life.

There are two cups cards for emotion and crossed by a pentacles or money card. Don’t let the need for money detract from the positive and enjoyable emotional experiences available to you right now and in the future. All will be well.

Handwriting of Querent:

Handwriting example for this tarot spread question.

Handwriting Reading:

Your writing shows that you are basically objective (Upright slant.) So when you were feeling that things were getting too much for you in the past, that that was probably a reasonable assessment.

You are not overly emotional (upright slant.) However you do have very strong Intuition (gaps between letters within script.) So as you reminisce on the past, your intuition is at work giving you intuitive feelings about how it was. This is stronger for you than relying on your imagination or past emotion.

The need you feel right now to achieve financial security is coolly and calmly arrived at using logic (upright slant.) You have analyzed (‘V’ formations at the baseline of the writing) the situation and this is the conclusion you have arrived at.

The cards show for the future, happiness with loved ones around. But that doesn’t answer the need for financial security. Although, I would surmise that if you were going to be in great financial need in the future that would affect your happiness. So to some extent the 10 of cups does show that you don’t have to worry about finances.

However that is resolved even more with the clarifier card which shows the Empress. This has the meaning of abundance in all things material, which includes finances.

Conclusion of Handwriting Reading with Traits shown:

I would suggest that logic (upright slant) is telling you that you need to find more in the way of finances. However your intuition (gaps between letters within script), which is the main guide to your life, is telling you not to worry, that all is fine and will continue to be so in the future.

We are taught to live in a world of logic. Your writing shows that you are calm, logical (upright slant) and analytical (‘V’ formations at the baseline.)  But it also shows that you have very strong intuition (gaps between letters within script.)

It would appear that at the moment these two aspects of your personality are at war. The logic is saying you need more in the way of money. But your intuition is telling you not to worry, that everything will be well now and in the future. The cards suggest that you intuition is correct and there is no need to worry.

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The only three traits that were used in this reading were Intuition, Logical Thinking & Analytical Thinking. Look at any samples of writing you an find and identify if the writer has any of these traits.

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