How Graphology and Tarot work and why you should add Handwriting to your Tarot Readings

How Graphology works and why you should add it to your Tarot Readings

Here is how Graphology and Tarot work and why you should add Handwriting to your Tarot Readings

Tarot readers look at the pictures and the symbols on the cards and gauge what that tells them in response to their querent’s question. Some Tarot readers do this completely intuitively. Some Tarot readers stick pretty much to the ‘traditional’ meanings of the cards. Most do both.

How Handwriting & Tarot work

Handwriting works in much the same way. When learning Graphology for the first time, you generally learn what various strokes mean and each time you see these strokes you know that that specific personality trait is present.

Just as when you see a certain Tarot card you know certain things in answer to your querent’s question, for example when the Death card shows up you know it means endings and beginnings and when the Judgement card appears you know that Karma is in action.

In handwriting when you see a long sweeping t-bar you know that the writer tends to be enthusiastic and when you see i-dots missed you know the writer probably doesn’t pay too much attention to details.

That in either modality is just the beginning. Once you see all the cards or all the writing, you start to look at the influence each has upon each other, and your intuition kicks in. It may of course have kicked in earlier, upon seeing the very first card or upon seeing the writing for the first time, but as you see more, your intuition tells you more.

The Symbols of Handwriting

This is how Graphology and Tarot work: the symbols in handwriting work the same way as with Tarot. They just look different. In handwriting in one way the symbols are the letters we use to form words. But for the purposes of Graphology, the symbols are the strokes within the letters, not necessarily the entire letter itself.

No two people write exactly the same. They may have been taught in the same school at the same time by the same teacher, but as they grow up and both they and their writing mature, they will adapt their writing to what feels comfortable for them. This is when the personality takes over.

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Handwriting is Body Language

Handwriting is body language and just as no two people walk exactly the same way, or talk or do any movement exactly the same, also no two people write exactly the same.

It is brain writing, since it is not the hand but the brain that decides how to create each letter, and is governed by the subconscious mind for the most part.

And the subconscious directs the hand to write with movements compatible with the personality of the writer, just as the subconscious directs every other movement that person makes to be in keeping with their personality.

Can you tell the people you know best by their movements even when they are too far away to see clearly? Can you recognize the footsteps of close family members? Do you recognize the way they move their hands, tilt their head, the expression on their face?

These are all body movements that are so uniquely tied to the personality that we can recognize them instantly in people we know really well. Handwriting is exactly the same.

So by looking at the combination of strokes, or symbols in the writing the observer can accurately arrive at a personality description unique to that writer. The fact that people are writing less nowadays is not really an issue. If someone can put pen to paper and create words, no matter how they write, their writing can be analyzed.

Combining Tarot and Handwriting: how Graphology and Tarot work

Once you know a few handwriting personality traits, you can add that to your Tarot readings and make the reading both more valuable and totally individual.

Just like Tarot, when it’s brand new to you, it takes a bit of time, but once you get comfortable with it, as you have done with Tarot, you will find it is quick and easy to just look at the writing and see what is there that will relate well to what the Tarot is saying.

It’s a value-add to your Tarot readings … and it’s fun. Your querents will love it.

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