Will he still be happy with me when he returns: Tarot & Handwriting Reading #6:

Querent’s Question: When he returns will he still be happy with me?

Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune, King of Cups, Justice and The Sun

The Querent asks “will my partner still be happy with me” after he returns from a trip away where he is involved in various activities and interests. These, for various reasons, will never be part of the Querent’s life. She worries that when he returns he will no longer be interested in her because she can’t participate in these new or old but expanded interests.

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Tarot Card Reading:

The Wheel of Fortune is turning and it’s among all positive cards so good, positive things are on the horizon.

Your partner is the King of Cups – benevolent, kind, loving and loyal and very family oriented. You are his family and he is strongly connected to you. He may at times appear distant as he goes inwards with his thoughts and feelings.

The Justice card suggests he may have temptations or discover new interests that you are not part of. However he is fair and reasonable, realizing that you are still the same person he left. He sees that new interests are no reason to lose a relationship that has been working so well.

The clarifier for the Justice card is the Sun. It’s shining brightly. All is well.  The Sun is the card of happy, successful relationships and contentment.

3 major arcana out of 4 cards and the 4th is a court card.  This is a very strong message of affirmation. Perhaps, far from thinking he doesn’t need you any more, the old saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ could well apply to this situation.

Handwriting Example for Question: When he returns will he still be happy with me?

Handwriting Reading:

The partner’s writing was not available so I couldn’t use it to see how he might behave. I have the Querent’s writing which shows how she might respond. It also shows perhaps why the question was asked in the first place since the cards would suggest there is no problem at all.

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The most noticeable thing about this writing is the far right slant.  The Querent is very emotional (far right slant.) This means she tends to think through her feelings, which could explain what seems to be unfounded worry about her relationship. 

She is however, also quite analytical (‘v’ formations at the baseline.) After the reading, having had the positives pointed out she is likely to analyze is and realize that yes, she was over reacting. Perhaps now her emotions will be in the direction of happiness.

She does have a positive mind set in general (straight downward strokes with no curve.) Mild optimism (slight upward slant in the lines of writing) shows in her outlook.

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Loyalty (round i dot), honesty ( ‘a’ and ‘o’ with no loops) and open mindededness (space within the lower case ‘e’) will help her accept the reading and realize that all is going to be OK. Intuition (gaps between letters within script) also plays a part in her reasoning.

She has enough self-confidence (tall ‘t’s and t-bars more than halfway up the t-stem) to accept that he is probably perfectly happy with her.

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All these things play their part. However the overwhelming reason for the question is her strong emotional outlook (far right slant) on life. Once assurance comes that all is well that emotion will most likely change from concern to joy. It will help her be ready to welcome him home with overflowing affection and happiness (far right slant).

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At a Glance Traits to Identify: #1 Margins

When you first start to add handwriting to your Tarot readings, it can be a bit much to remember all the things to look for. So this is the first of a series of posts on at a glance Traits to identify: #1 Margins.

The traits we will cover here are called ‘global traits’ since they show in all of the writing, regardless of the words, letters or writing style.

Margins in General

First look at how the writing is placed on the paper. It doesn’t matter that you only have three of four lines of writing. Is one margin noticeably wider than the other? Does either margin get wider or narrower as it goes down the page? (This will be hard to tell with less than three lines of writing.) Are the margins what you would consider an ‘average’ size or are they wider or narrower than you would generally expect to see?

A margin that won’t tell you anything much is an ‘average’ width margin which is equal on both sides and generally stays the same width all the way down. Obviously the right hand margin is ragged but it’s still possible to see if it gets narrower or wider as the text goes down the page.

Average margins with the usual ragged right margin

Do the Margins change in width?

Margins that get narrower as they go down the page show someone who is heading in the direction the margin is heading in.

So if the left margin is getting narrower, the writer is heading to the left, which is the past. This writer is inclined to dwell or go back to the security of the past.

Margins getting wider or narrower as the writing goes down the page.

If it is the right hand margin that is getting smaller, the writer is heading towards the future. They are future oriented. And since the future is unknown, if this is very obvious, if the right hand margin is quickly getting narrower, then this writer is also a risk taker.

A margin that doesn’t change is someone who is holding an even keel.

What to say to your Querent

  • When the left margin gets wider you can tell your querent that they are leaving the past behind and moving on.
  • When the left margin gets narrower you can tell your querent that they have a tendency to cling to the past, especially when things become uncomfortable for them
  • When the right margin gets wider you can tell your querent that they may plan taking a risk, but may draw back if it seems too difficult, scary or too much of a change
  • When the right margin gets narrower you can tell your querent that they start off more cautious but as things move along they get more daring and more willing to take risks.

One Margin consistently Narrower

If the margin doesn’t change as it goes down the page, but the left margin is always noticeably narrower than the right, then it is someone who habitually clings to the past.

One margin consistently narrower than the other.

If it is always narrower on the right, it is someone who is generally future focused.

What to tell your Querent

  • When the left margin is consistently narrower than the right, you can tell your querent that they are inclined to stick with the past, with the tried and true.
  • When the right margin is consistently narrower than the left, you can tell your querent that they are a risk taker, willing to try new things and enjoy adventure.

Extreme Margins

If both margins are very narrow, using up as much space as possible on the paper, it is someone who is thrifty.  They are making full use of all the paper space. This will usually also apply to the top and bottom margins if it’s a full page of writing.

Consistent extreme margins

If both margins and the top and bottom margins are very wide it is someone who likes their own space.  They may be friendly and sociable but they won’t appreciate being crowded or intruded upon. When this is extremely exaggerated and the space around the writing is really huge, it shows someone who feels in isolation from the rest of the world.

What to tell your Querent

  • When the writing uses up every available inch of space on the page you can tell your querent that they are thrifty, that they make the best use they can of what they have rather than always going for something new or bigger. The exception to this is if they were required to write a certain amount on a small piece of paper so had no choice but to squeeze it in.
  • When the writing has very wide margins all around, you can tell your querent that they need their space, they need both physical and mental space in their life and lots of it.


Margins are easy and quick to check out, but they do give considerable information. And if you think about what each margin means, it is really quite self-explanatory so once you’ve done it a couple of times, checking margins out can quickly become something you can add to your Tarot and handwriting readings.

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Tarot & Handwriting Reviews

Below are Tarot & Handwriting reviews to give you an idea of how Querents found them.

When Fiona MacKay Young joined the Spirit Of Victoria (www.spiritofvictoria.ca) directory, I was excited to see that she had added “tarot” to her description. I had seen her presentation for intuitive handwriting readings before (and seen her in action – amazing!), so I asked if I could have a reading with her. This Monday this week I got a reading!

There are two parts – Fiona had me write (in my handwriting) a question, and then she set me up to choose cards from her Tarot deck.

With this in place, she read the cards AND connected it with what she discovered in my handwriting …wow! Her intuitive sense of things & expertise with writing left me with plenty to think & feel about for the rest of the day, as well as a deep sense of gratitude for sharing her gift.

Fiona is easy to visit with & genuinely interested in the reading she shares with you – give her a call & check it out!

Ian Byington, www.spiritofvictoria.ca


(In response to a Tarot & Handwriting Reading through Tarot Nerds Facebook Group)

Wonderful! I think you hit the nail on the head! I appreciate your time! Nursing gives me stability and have been a nurse for 21 yrs. I am soon to be launching my own business…..Tarot and Reiki sessions thinking further I’d never want to hang my hat up fully with nursing due to the hard work I have always put into it. I have a 10 yr plan in my head……when mortgage is paid off in 10 yrs I can be more flexible with income. I don’t want to feel pressure of wanting to succeed with my own business that it causes me frustration…..I want to fully embrace it when I don’t have to depend on it for an income. I guess I want no pressure!
That handwriting analysis is really cool! I feel you must be intuitive along with having the skills to perform task! I am going to look that profession up and see what it all involves because interesting how on point .

How does Graphotherapy work with Tarot?

Melody A. Morrow

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I was very blessed to have a combination Tarot Card Reading and Hand Writing Analysis by Fiona.  The Tarot cards were very interesting and relevant for my life and what was happening at that time, offering greater understanding and hope.  And with the addition of the hand writing analysis, there was a greater clarity of how this all fit together for who I am, my particular traits, my possible blocks, and my strengths.   I would highly recommend this process.  Thanks Fiona for your skill and your intuition and your caring heart.

Wynter Langston


I had a tarot and hand writing reading from Fiona, and it was really informative. The combination of the 2 modalities was intriguing. Where the tarot cards told a story and the handwriting pulled in a personal touch to the reading. Fiona is very knowledgeable about both modalities and they worked really well to share where I was now and where I am going to in the future. With my handwriting it showed me the skills to help me get there, the things I need to work on and how to improve my life as a whole. I loved the reading and would do it again at a future date.

Vanessa Backlund


Adding Handwriting to your Tarot Readings:
Graphology expands your readings.

Thank you so much. It does help. You described me and the situation down to a T. (followed by personal details about the reading.)



“Fiona was able to succinctly provide insight about a question I asked using Tarot Cards and then expand on my understanding of how I might personally navigate the cards message based on her analysis of my handwriting.  I found the handwriting analysis to be a great value add to a traditional Tarot card reading. It makes it more fun too”. 

Kim Sparks


I thoroughly enjoyed my Tarot and graphology reading with Fiona, and found each methodology complimented the other.  Fiona has cleverly blended these two well-known tools to deliver a powerfully informative yet fun reading, providing the client with even greater insight into themselves and questions they may have about their lives.  For anyone seeking an intuitive reading combined with a scientifically tested technique, I highly recommend Fiona’s eclectic and unique approach.



I have had several Tarot readings before, but this was the first time I had had a Tarot and Handwriting Reading. I found it fascinating and the Handwriting really did add to the information from the Tarot. I learned to appreciate the strengths I have to get me through the difficult times suggested by the Tarot, and confidence that I have what it takes to successfully navigate to where I want to go. I thoroughly applaud Fiona’s innovation in this area and would recommend it to anyone.



More Tarot & Handwriting Reviews to come…