Will he still be happy with me when he returns: Tarot & Handwriting Reading #6:

Querent’s Question: When he returns will he still be happy with me?

Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune, King of Cups, Justice and The Sun

The Querent asks “will my partner still be happy with me” after he returns from a trip away where he is involved in various activities and interests. These, for various reasons, will never be part of the Querent’s life. She worries that when he returns he will no longer be interested in her because she can’t participate in these new or old but expanded interests.

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Tarot Card Reading:

The Wheel of Fortune is turning and it’s among all positive cards so good, positive things are on the horizon.

Your partner is the King of Cups – benevolent, kind, loving and loyal and very family oriented. You are his family and he is strongly connected to you. He may at times appear distant as he goes inwards with his thoughts and feelings.

The Justice card suggests he may have temptations or discover new interests that you are not part of. However he is fair and reasonable, realizing that you are still the same person he left. He sees that new interests are no reason to lose a relationship that has been working so well.

The clarifier for the Justice card is the Sun. It’s shining brightly. All is well.  The Sun is the card of happy, successful relationships and contentment.

3 major arcana out of 4 cards and the 4th is a court card.  This is a very strong message of affirmation. Perhaps, far from thinking he doesn’t need you any more, the old saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ could well apply to this situation.

Handwriting Example for Question: When he returns will he still be happy with me?

Handwriting Reading:

The partner’s writing was not available so I couldn’t use it to see how he might behave. I have the Querent’s writing which shows how she might respond. It also shows perhaps why the question was asked in the first place since the cards would suggest there is no problem at all.

More on Tarot & Handwriting (Graphology)

The most noticeable thing about this writing is the far right slant.  The Querent is very emotional (far right slant.) This means she tends to think through her feelings, which could explain what seems to be unfounded worry about her relationship. 

She is however, also quite analytical (‘v’ formations at the baseline.) After the reading, having had the positives pointed out she is likely to analyze is and realize that yes, she was over reacting. Perhaps now her emotions will be in the direction of happiness.

She does have a positive mind set in general (straight downward strokes with no curve.) Mild optimism (slight upward slant in the lines of writing) shows in her outlook.

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Loyalty (round i dot), honesty ( ‘a’ and ‘o’ with no loops) and open mindededness (space within the lower case ‘e’) will help her accept the reading and realize that all is going to be OK. Intuition (gaps between letters within script) also plays a part in her reasoning.

She has enough self-confidence (tall ‘t’s and t-bars more than halfway up the t-stem) to accept that he is probably perfectly happy with her.

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All these things play their part. However the overwhelming reason for the question is her strong emotional outlook (far right slant) on life. Once assurance comes that all is well that emotion will most likely change from concern to joy. It will help her be ready to welcome him home with overflowing affection and happiness (far right slant).

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How does GraphoTherapy work with Tarot?

Graphotherapy: Change your Handwriting, Change your Life

So, how does GraphoTherapy work with Tarot? In a nutshell, GraphoTherapy is “Change your Handwriting, Change your Life.”

Handwriting is brain writing. It is not the hand that decides how you write. It’s your brain.  And your sees and acts according to your personality. If something feels natural, it belongs to your personality. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. However it can be made to … and that is what Graphotherapy is all about.

Tarot + Handwriting = ?

But first let’s go back to Tarot and Handwriting. The Tarot has told the events, past, present and likely to occur if you keep going in the present direct. Your Handwriting has told you what you have going for you to make the best of what is coming, what is in the present and even how to deal with what is past. And it had told you in what ways you are inclined to behave that would jeopardize positive outcomes and make worse difficult ones.

But what if you don’t have what you need to cope with what is coming up? What if your Handwriting shows that what you really need, you just don’t have? Or what if it will probably be OK with what you have, but it could be so much better if you could respond in a different way?

That’s where GraphoTherapy comes in.

If you change your writing to include the traits you want to have and banish those you don’t want to have you will start to behave in accordance with the new traits that are now part of your personality. Of course it doesn’t happen overnight and that is where the two levels of GraphoTherapy – conscious and subconscious – come into play.

While you are still deliberately writing with the new strokes, it is your conscious mind that is making it happen.  The new trait, the new behavior, is not part of your personality yet. But as you practice, you are focusing on what you are doing and how you are writing. Your focus is on the strokes for the new personality traits that you are adding. And as anyone who has even learned anything about the Law of Attraction knows what you focus on expands.

Focus, Focus, Focus

So as you practice, as you focus on the new trait or traits that you are adding to your handwriting, you are focused on them. Not only will you notice as you write the necessary strokes, but you will also notice in your behavior whether you are or are not behaving in accordance with these new personality trait additions or subtractions. You want to act in the new way. That is why you are adding or removing these strokes from your handwriting.

So you, with your heightened awareness of these traits and the behavior associated with them, will notice much, much more than you previously would have, when you are acting in the new way or the old way.  And if you find yourself acting in the old way, probably you will immediately do what you can to change it to the new way. After all, you have chosen to change and if you notice yourself not doing this, you most likely will take steps to make sure that you do what is needed to act in the new way you have decided to be.

That is the conscious level of GraphoTherapy. It is still not part of your natural behavior so you have to make the change ‘manually’, but because your focus is on it, you will notice and have the opportunity to make the change at any moment.

And here is the Magic…

Then we get to the subconscious part of GraphoTherapy and this is where the magic really happens.

The subconscious mind is programmed by spaced repetition. This means that if you repeat your new handwriting strokes over and over again, with time between each practice session, after a while your subconscious accepts that this is how you now want to be. It then takes over the job of directing both your writing and your behavior in accordance with what you have been showing it in your practice.

Adding Handwriting to your Tarot Readings:
Graphology expands your readings.

So the strokes you have been practicing writing become your natural way of writing. When these strokes are your natural way of writing, the behavior that goes along with these strokes becomes your natural way of behaving. This is when you have made the complete change and now you are who you have been working to become.

Here is an example

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you have very day to day goals. This means that you can really do a whole lot more than you think you can, but you are not aware of this and don’t have the confidence to step out and go for it. The trait in handwriting that shows underestimating yourself is the t-bars placed really low on the t-stem.

Your Tarot reading has shown that you are going to have some amazing opportunities opening up for you. But do you have the confidence to take advantage of them? You decide to engage in GraphoTherapy to help.

The stroke for ambitious goals is the t-bar at or near the top of the t-stem, so you decide to practice making your t-bars much higher.
As you practice, every time you write a t-bar high up on the t-stem, you aware consciously aware that this is your goals that you are raising up high.

Conscious & Subconscious GraphoTherapy

This is when conscious GraphoTherapy is working. It is bringing to your awareness every time you write that you want to go after higher goals. So you start looking at how to do that and start moving towards that goal.

Once you find that you are writing those t-bars up high quite without thinking about it that means you have now completed the change and high goals as well as high t-bars are now part of your natural way of writing and being. Subconscious GraphoTherapy has taken over. You have succeeded. You will now start to gradually notice that you aim higher without even really thinking about it. It has become your natural way of looking at life.

The Tarot told you about opportunities and your Handwriting and GraphoTherapy have given you the tools to make the very best of whatever opportunities come your way. They have worked together to create the change you wanted. You have made “Change your Handwriting, Change your Life” work for you.

And here’s the Bonus

And there is even a bonus.  If at a later date you find your t-bars sliding back down the t-stem a bit, if you just practice pushing them up again, you have the chance to get your goals back up there again before the slide starts to show in your behavior because it shows in the writing before it shows in your actions.

There are many, many opportunities to make changes to your life by making changes to your handwriting. However, raising your goals is one I can not only vouch for on behalf of many of my clients, I can also vouch for it personally.

This is one of the very first changes I made to my writing when I first started to study Graphology and GraphoTherapy. So I can tell you from firsthand knowledge that it works. A couple of times over the 25+ years since I first raised my t-bars and my goals, I have  seen the t-bar start to slip a little bit down. Each time I have practiced again till it stayed perched on top of the t-stem naturally again. And it works. Not only have my t-bars soared but my confidence in my abilities has soared every bit as high.

It can work on whatever change you want to make

Perhaps goals are not what you would work on. There are countless options. Whatever you need to get what you want.  Whomever you want to be to achieve what you want to achieve. Whatever the Tarot tells you about that you don’t want to miss out on … or if it’s a difficult situation showing in the cards, whatever you need to avoid it… either way, your handwriting and GraphoTherapy can help you achieve it.

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Tarot and Handwriting Combination: What do Querents think?

Quick answer: Querents love Tarot and Handwriting!

Tarot and Handwriting

When I started doing the Tarot/ Handwriting combination I was enthusiastic about it because I could see how much each added to the other, but I was not sure how other people would view it. Fast forward to today. I have had so much encouragement, so many wonderful reviews that I just have to tell you that it not only works but it is extremely well received.

The client still gets the full, unchanged tarot reading. You do it just like you’ve always done. And if you like you can do it completely from start to finish before you even look at the writing. My own preference is when I do smaller readings, such as three cards I will do the entire reading before looking at the cards. Or if I am doing a reading with more cards, I will stop periodically to look at the handwriting. But as you get used to using the combination you will find you just go from one to the other quite naturally as you feel the need. You get in the way of it quite easily.

How this helps

You tell your querent something that the cards say then you look to their writing to see if there is anything there to take advantage of a good situation or to help them deal with a problematic one and you use that to encourage them. This way the querent is not left just knowing what might be coming down the road, but they also have had it brought to their awareness what they have in their personality that will help.

Most people already know a great deal about themselves, but to have someone else remind them that they have this or that strength can be so empowering. Now it’s not just they themselves that think it. Someone else has recognized it in them too, and has pointed it out as being of positive use in this predicted situation. The same goes for negative traits, such as procrastination. If the cards say it’s good to move fast, to get on with things, being reminded gently, from the handwriting, that they have a tendency to put things off, might just be the trigger they need to make sure they don’t put things of this time around.

Empowering your Querents

I find that people take very seriously the traits I point out to them and will discuss them at great length and how that can be put to use in the situations shown by the cards. They often will consider a personality trait or traits that I have mentioned and come up with their own suggestion of how this trait or these traits can be put to use at this time or to help in some way. This is excellent since it empowers them. They no longer feel like things are just happening to them, but they feel they have the ability to take control and guide things. It gives them confidence. And the fact that they are coming up with more ideas shows that as things develop for them, this new awareness of their strengths, or in the case of something like procrastination, awareness of a weakness, will heighten their ability to succeed in just about any situation that occurs.

This is particularly true when the reading suggests difficult times ahead. I have had, as I’m sure you have had, querents who end up in tears when the cards show them things they don’t want to have happen, or difficulties they don’t want to have to face.

Give them hope

By showing them what in their writing they have that will get them through these times, and perhaps even make it possible to change some things about what will occur, gives them hope.

The cards can give them hope too, of course, but the difference is  that the cards, should  they come back for another reading, might tell them more bad news or suggest other problems on the horizon. It is always uncertain what the cards will tell. They will reliably tell what the situation is, but that for most people is always changing, so the readings are always changing too. But their handwriting shows who they are deep down inside and that will not change, or at least only very gradually over time. So if more problems arise, whether or not they come back for another reading, they have had it brought to their awareness what strengths they have and they will then be conscious that these can help them through the next problem too.

Tarot + Handwriting = Success

And of course, just as with the cards, the handwriting does not only show problem related things, or problem solving traits. When taking on new adventures, new projects, changing one’s life in any way, the strengths, the positives, the success traits someone has are what will take them to new heights. So when all looks wonderful in the cards, the writing can add encouragement to that by showing that everything needed for success is already inside the querent. Or, if there is anything that might hold them back, that is there too waiting to be revealed with the option of dealing with it ahead of time.

So to me, Tarot and Handwriting go hand in hand. The complement and support each other all the way through. They don’t just give more information together; they give more information and empower the querent.

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