Speaking & Entertainment

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Professional Speaking & Entertainment Services

Speaking & Entertainment Services

I offer speaking and presentation services, both in giving Presentations and Keynotes, and in facilitating groups and workshops.

Presentations/ Keynotes Topics or Workshops/ Courses

  • Tarot & Handwriting Analysis – how the 2 modalities work beautifully together
  • What Handwriting Analysis can do for you (for a wide variety of focuses and audiences)
  • Creating & Using Vision Boards
  • The Limitless Benefits of Journaling

Each presentation tailored to the specific interests of your audience.

Private Events:

What your handwriting can do for you” is a popular topic for private events.

I offer my services in two ways:

  1. to give a brief presentation to your group, followed by instant readings in front of the entire group. This is very popular with groups who know each other well and enjoy hearing what is said about everyone. Nothing embarrassing or personal will be said.
  2. to sit at a table available for your guests to come to me at their leisure for an instant reading in private.

Let me know if you have any questions, or perhaps have ideas for your group that I don’t have listed.

Fiona MacKay Young