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JournalingFocused Journaling can help you get what you want in life.

Not only is journaling one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself, by way of releasing tensions and gaining clarity, it can also be a wonderful tool to assist your life to go in the direction of your choosing.

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What is focused journaling?

It means you choose a topic, say happiness, success, intuition, ideas, relationships etc, and you journal exclusively on that topic in the journal of that name. If you want a general journal as well, that is just fine, but your focused journal should remain on the topic of the focus you have chosen.

Why  focused journaling?

Because by focusing on, say happiness, you are spending time on that subject and it is a well known and accepted fact that what you focus on expands. So each time you write in your Happiness Journal, you write about what has made you happy.

Some days it will be huge, overflowing happiness. Other days you may wonder what on earth you have to be happy about today. However if you focus on it, no matter how bad your day,you are almost certain to come up with some small something that caused a glimmer of happiness.

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Alternatively, there is really no need to write in your focused journal every day.

It is not a journal of your daily life. It is a journal of your chosen topic, in our example here, happiness. So each time you have something happy to journal you write it in down here.

This has the effect of having you focus on this positive feeling for a more extended period of time, as you write. It also helps you gain clarity and more appreciation for the event or situation. It may help you to identify what caused this happiness, so you reproduce it more easily again.

And your focused journal is there for you to read when you need inspiration.

In our example of the Happiness Journal, if you were feeling down one day, reading all the happy things in your journal could well act as a pick me up, and would most certainly help you appreciate just how good your life really is.

No matter what your choice of topic, focused journaling can help you bring into your life more of whatever you are focusing upon.

  • Focus on Success and bring more success.
  • Focus on Intuition and gain more faith in and appreciation of your intuition.
  • Focus on the Law of Attraction and by writing down and re reading what you desire to manifest, you bring it to yourself more quickly.
  • A Relationship Journal is also a wonderful focus tool.
    –  When things are going well, you write it down.
    – When things are going not so well, you write it down.
    – It brings clarity in the emotional swirl of any relationship as you read back what you wrote.
    – It can also be a lifetime treasure when it records the early days of a lifetime love.

And so it is with any focused journal.

Focused journals are also great ways to create lasting memories, not only for yourself but to hand down to future generations.

A Grandmothers Journal, for example, focuses on the doings and sayings of their precious grandchildren.
– What a gift for any grandmother to read in later years once the little ones have grown – or to continue for the rest of her life.
– What a gift for the grandchild to receive in later years
– Wouldn’t you love to have received a journal written by your grandmother about how she saw you as a child? It is a priceless gift.

Or a Cruise Journal to keep fresh the memories of a special vacation in your life.

Focused journaling is amazing, and there is no time like the present to get started.

I encourage you to show yourself some love – start a focused journal.

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Fiona MacKay Young