Handwriting Readings

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 Improve Relationships, Increase Personal Development with Handwriting Readings

People don’t write by hand as much as they used to, but just about everyone still writes their signature and the occasional note. And often, that’s all you need.

Readings from Handwriting

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Just a few lines of writing, or even with just a signature it is possible tell an amazing amount about the personality of the writer or compatibility between two writers. 

Even if  nothing changes, by understanding where you significant other is coming from, in relation to where you are coming from, can create an amazing change in any relationship.

And by understanding more about yourself, you are in a stronger position to make the most of you, to recognize and work with your strengths, minimize weaknesses and make improvements wherever you wish.

Understanding others is a great way to improve relationships, understand communication styles and generally get along better with others, at work or at play.

Contact me if you would like an Intuitive Reading of your Handwriting or that of someone else.

I have written several books on reading handwriting for important clues and information about the writers.

Personal Development

With just a few minutes a day of writing (literally, 5 – 10 minutes will do) you can make significant personal development changes in your life. If something can be changed by any form of personal development, it can also be changed using your handwriting.  The added benefit of creating change through handwriting is that if you begin to slip back into your old ways it will show in your writing before it shows in your behavior, giving you the opportunity to take action to correct it before it affects how you act.

I work with clients to assist them become the best they can be by including handwriting changes in their personal development program. Let me know if I can help you.

Handwriting is extremely powerful and revealing. Even since I trained as a Graphologist, over 35 years ago, I have been analyzing writing and it just keeps on getting more and more fascinating.

It doesn’t matter if you write a lot or a little, you still write. Even if it is just your signature once in a while. You can still use handwriting analysis to develop the traits you want to have.

You can also understand more about others by looking at their signatures or writing. The articles on this site tell you how.

I have a very extensive site on Handwriting Analysis, with masses of free articles, analysis/ reading services, entertainment options and books.

Distance Readings


A comprehensive written report, approximately 4 pages in length, on all aspects of the personality as shown in the handwriting. I will also answer any questions you have in this report.


For Zoom readings, you will be asked to send me your writing by email ahead of time. Once on our call, I will give you the Handwriting Reading verbally. You may ask as many questions as you wish and as time permits.

Pricing for Tarot & Handwriting Readings

Email Readings:

Comprehensive Handwriting Reading – $75

Live, Skype or Zoom Readings:

30 minutes – $75 (US)
45 minutes – $95 (US)

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Fiona MacKay Young