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The Creative Techie products & Services:

Scroll down for details on my design and publishing services to help increase your traffic and sales.

Products & Services:

To Create, to your specifications, your Animated, Electronic Vision Board

(visit page)

To create and publish your “Ultimate Brochure”

The Ultimate Brochure is actually a small, give-away book which your prospects will want to keep for the valuable information inside – and remember you when they are ready to buy.

You can make your Ultimate Brochure available on Amazon to the public to buy
– to keep available only for you to order and give to prospects (that is – unavailable to the public)

There are three options for the Ultimate Brochure:
–  I can create it to be available at extremely low cost to you to give away
– and share with you how to use the “Ultimate Brochure” to promote your business
I can coach you to do it all yourself

The_Ultimate_Brochur_Cover_for_KindleYou can purchase “The Ultimate Brochure” Book
which tells you exactly how to go about creating
the Ultimate Brochure for your business.

Create Attention Grabbing Book Covers in MS Work for Print & E-books


Create Attention-Grabbing Book Covers in MS Word: for Print & E-Books

Step by Step instructions for how to design your own fabulous book covers using MS Word.

 To create Graphic Pinterest Pins for your business

– Set up your Pinterest Board or Boards
– Embed Videos ( see below on Youtube) on your Pinterest Boards
– Coach you to do it all yourself

To create YouTube videos for your business

– Post to and optimize for YouTube
– Including live link to your website
– Embed the video on your website/ blog (if you give me access)
– (as above) Embed YouTube videos on your Pinterest Boards
– Coach you to do it all yourself

 To compile (from your material), format and publish books or booklets

– For sale on Amazon Kindle and Paperback
– Including direct links to your website from your Kindle books
– Share with you how to increase profits as “Associate”
– Publish as PDF format for sale directly from your website/ blog
– Coach you to do it all yourself

 To Design Book Covers for your self-published books

 If all that is holding you back is not being able to create a cover for your book, I have created covers for over 40 books

 My qualifications and experience to offer this service are:

  • Graphic Design Diploma (NAIT)
  • 5 years’ experience as Graphic Designer both print and electronic exclusively for businesses
  • 12 years’ experience Online Graphic Design and Online Marketing
  • Extensive Online Marketing Training (Foundational and Current)
  • Entrepreneurs’ Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Entrepreneurial Career Consultant
    (Certified Career Development Practitioner & Work & Life Coach)
  • Training in Social Media Marketing
    • Specialized in Visual/ Graphic Social Media Marketing
    • Extensively experienced in all services offered above
  • Published over 40 books on Amazon, both Kindle and Paperback
  • Over 12 years’ experience writing, publishing and selling PDF format books directly from websites/ blogs
  • Lifelong background/ training in Visual Arts, Writing and Presentations

If I can help you, or you would just like to chat about what I do, please use the contact form on the right and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fiona MacKay Young