What is my biggest financial obstacle right now? Tarot & Handwriting Reading #7

Whether you are interested in Tarot or just in Graphology, this article will take you through identifying 12 different traits in the writing. These are traits that will help identify the Querent’s biggest financial obstacle. They also affect their ability to achieve the success that is showing as possible for them in the Tarot reading at this time.

Biggest financial obstacle:3 card Tarot Spread: 3 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands and the King of Cups.

Tarot Reading:

Your efforts at work are beginning to reap rewards. You are feeling a sense of success as well as benefitting financially. There is both excitement and activity around you as this brings the good news you were hoping for.

Whether this is you or someone related to your work and financial future, the King of Cups shows an easy going character, likeable and kind.

Their biggest financial obstacle is that they may lack ambition or access to the energy needed to take things to the next level. They may also withdraw from any situation they suspect might be less than congenial thus missing opportunities.

Biggest financial obstacle: Example of writing of the Querent.

Handwriting Reading:

The Positives to overcome the biggest financial obstacle

This Querent shows that they work more on intuition (gaps between letters within script) rather than facts. But that said, they are generally objective (Upright writing) in their outlook. This will help them check their intuitive guidance to decide if it is reasonable before following it.

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However, they also show strong independent thinking (short stems on the ‘d’s) which is the tendency to go one’s own way and do one’s own thing. Because of this, what they consider reasonable may not be what others think reasonable. This writer will still go their own way regardless. 

They pay good attention to detail (‘i’ dots close to letter), are generally open to new ideas (space visible in the lower case ‘e’). In addition to the independent thinking, they are also very independent in general (Personal Pronoun “I” just a stick).

They have ambitious goals (high ‘t’ bar) in some areas while very much lacking the confidence or ambition to move ahead(low ‘t’ bar)  in others.

The Challenges: The Biggest Financial Obstacle

The easy going-ness of the King of Cups and his dislike of difficult situations shows in the writing in relatively short lived determination (short lower extenders) The low goals that are sometimes apparent and a lack of organizational ability (lower case ‘f’ not same size top and bottom) add to this. These create this Querent’s biggest financial obstacle.

In all, this is a pleasant personality who will not make waves, will go with the flow fluidity of thought shown in figure 8 lower case ‘s’) most of the time. They will also will rely on their intuition to take them where they should go.

This could stand in the way of financial benefit if that looks like requiring a staunch stance and lasting perseverance.


Things happening quickly, as shown in the cards, will have the King of Cups trying to decide on the best route. They will juggle between their objective, analytical (‘v’ formations in  ‘n’ and ‘m’ )  way of thinking and their strong intuitive impulses.

It would appear from the writing that the Querent  shares the personality traits of the King of Cups. Therefore it would be advisable for them to be conscious of this possible lack of drive and reluctance to ‘make waves’ as they move forward.

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One Tarot Reading with Two Handwriting Examples

Of course this will probably never happen, but this is just to show the difference that comes with one Tarot Reading and two handwriting examples. First a reading, and then I will relate it to two different handwriting examples. This will demonstrate just what a difference having the writing can make to a reading and what a difference it can make to your Querent to have the reading tailored to their specific personality and current emotional state.

A great many Tarot readings are in answer to questions about relationships, so for this reading the question will be:

What can I do to improve my relationship?”

Since the point of this post is to zero in on how the handwriting affects the reading, I will just do a simple three card reading and stick more or less to the traditional card meanings. I know you would probably get a great deal more out of the reading, but so it’s a basic fit for everyone, I’ll stick to the general meanings.

You can learn how to identify these traits in writing from my other posts and videos. This post is just to demonstrate how differently different writing directs the reading. It also shows how it uniquely tailors the reading to that specific Querent at the specific time.

Here are the cards I drew:

3 Card Tarot Reading

Tarot Card Reading: You are feeling somewhat confused just now.  You have so many choices, routes to take, ways to go that you just can’t see which would be the best. Some may be good choices, some may be bad, but it’s as though there is a smokescreen over them and you just can’t see clearly enough to make a decision you know will be a good one.

The best thing to do for now is just to take a break. Chill out. Look at this from a different perspective. Let things ‘percolate’ in your head for a while. Allow yourself to just hang out and relax and you may find you see things more clearly and will find it easier to find your way. The Hanged Man is the only Major Arcana in the reading, so is the most important action (or in this case inaction) for you to take.

If you do that and don’t rush it, don’t worry about it, just let it all sort itself out in its own time, you will find success. You will find the way to succeed in this relationship. All it takes is a little time and patience, calm and relaxation and viewing your relationship from a different angle.

Handwriting Example #1
Handwriting Example #1

Handwriting Reading #1:

Your writing is showing your confusion and it is also showing that you tend to live with your heart in control rather than your head. Because of this you are very much feeling this confusion and anxiety over your relationship.

You also show that you are very, very sensitive to criticism. The least hint from your significant other that things are not perfect may have you take it to heart and get emotionally entangled over it. Is it possible that it is just your extreme sensitivity that is feeling there is a problem and your significant other doesn’t think there is one? Are you sure he is dissatisfied?

But either way, you tend to put off things at times, which means you perhaps put off doing what you know needs to be done with regard to your relationship. However, although you are inclined to put things off, once you get going, you are persistent and determined to succeed.

The Hanged Man in the Tarot reading means taking time out to look at things differently, to wait and be patient.  That is not the same as procrastinating. Once you know what to do, do it. Don’t put it off. But be willing to hang out until it becomes clear which of the many choices available look like working best for you.

You are warm and show your feelings, so allow this to engage your significant other. Don’t overdose on the feelings of concern about the relationship and let these become the emotions that you show. Let your naturally affectionate nature show.

Calm and time will solve this problem and bring a happy outcome. These may be difficult for you to do, but well worth it in the long run.

Handwriting Example #2
Handwriting Example #2

Handwriting Reading #2:

Confusion is not your natural way of being. You are usually very clear on what you want, do and see. So this confusion about your relationship is difficult for you.

You are naturally objective and clear thinking, so by taking the timeout that the Hanged Man represents and just allowing things to percolate in your mind, you may find you see things in a whole different light.

One problem you may have with that is that you like to be in charge of what is going on in your life and taking a timeout more or less puts that on hold for a while as you just ponder on what to do and where to go next. Try to let go. Allow things to unfold on their own.  The best way will come to you if you just give it time.

The other things to watch out for are that you get really, really focused on things.  When you do, it becomes difficult for you to see beyond that which you are focused upon. The seven of cups shows many choices. Don’t just zero in on one and examine it through and through ignoring the rest.  Try to stay back and see the bigger picture, all the options, as you take time to sort this out. Strong focus is great once you know where you’re headed but it can be a bit of an obstacle in making choices when there are many options.

Your writing shows you are not in any particular hurry so allowing the Hanged Man to do his work in your life should not be too much of a problem for you.  And his work done, your focus set, you will be ready to move forwards to success in this relationship.


So there you have it. One Tarot Reading coupled with two handwriting examples. As you can see, it makes a big difference to how the Querent will understand the reading.

You don’t have to be a Graphologist to add Handwriting to your Tarot readings. You can start with only the knowledge of one or two and build it up as you go. Even just a couple of traits identified from the writing can help the Querent better relate to the reading. And it will only take you a matter of seconds glancing at the writing to identify them once you know how.

And the simple action of writing out their question also helps the Querent be clear on what they are asking and wanting to know about.

Tarot and Graphology work perfectly in tandem. I encourage you to give it a try. I am working on a video course to teach you, but for now, here is my book (which will also teach you):

Tarot & Graphology: How to Deepen your Tarot Readings with Handwriting

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Fiona MacKay Young

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