Be Happy Adult Coloring Book

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The Be Happy Adult Coloring Book & Journal with Inspirational Quotes: With Flowers, Butterflies & beautiful Mandalas


At times it can be difficult to be happy. At other times you are so happy you just have to celebrate and get it out. Both these times and every time in between are the perfect times to journal and color in this beautiful book.

You can color when you want to relax and just let go. You can read inspirational quotes when you need a lift, or to find something that fits you mood exactly. And you can journal any time at all to record your happiness, the good things in life, or perhaps your determination to remain happy when life get tough.

Any way you look at it, this journal is a must for just about anyone! The pictures are beautiful and your imagination can bring them to life with color. Quotations are always popular and rightly so as they often help us see things that we have been blocking or overlooking ourselves. And journaling is always therapeutic, and writing by hand has been proven to have massive beneficial effects over typing.

The Be Happy Adult Coloring Book & Journal was written just for you – and for anyone to whom you might choose to gift one.

My wish for you is that you “Be Happy.”

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Fiona MacKay Young