Adult Coloring Book & Stress Relief Journal

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Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relief Journal & Inspirational Quotes

Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relief Journal & Inspirational Quotes:

Featuring Mandalas, Flowers & Whimsy

A wonderful collection of 86 beautiful images, quotes and journaling pages to help you unwind and relax. Perfect for pencils, felt tip, markers or pens.

In this fast paced world, who is without stress? Not many of us. And in our attempts to handle our world and our stress, we just become more stressed.

Stop. Each of us needs to take control of our lives and our stress to live happier, longer lives.

Coloring and journaling are a wonderful tools in any area of life as it creates self-awareness and gives us a clear picture of what really is.  As stress release tools they have no equal.

By focusing on creating beautiful images with your coloring and pouring out to your journal how you feel and unburdening yourself, you have taken a huge step towards solving your problems.

So whether you are busy and stressed or just stressed, this coloring book and journal can be your constant companion and help. Take a pencil and pen to your stress and erase it out of your life.

Your journey to being stress free.

Stress is a killer. We have heard that so often from so many places, and it is true.

But really, just knowing that solves nothing.

In fact, from my own perspective, just knowing that something I am doing involuntarily and don’t know how to stop is killing me just adds to the stress that is killing me in the first place!

This book is a result of my own search for something to help reduce my stress.

I don’t handle stress at all well, so in the interests of a long and happy life, I had to do something to reduce it drastically. I don’t live a high paced or high pressured lifestyle, but I manage get completely stressed out about things anyway.

So whether you live what would generally be recognized as being in a high stressed environment, or whether you appear to the outside world to have a relatively calm existence but get stressed anyway, this book is for you.

In my opinion it uses the very best de-stressing techniques in the world plus I’ve added a few extras.

My solution to stress is to Journal  which includes an adult Coloring Book and Inspirational Quotes. And this book is designed to encourage you to journal and color in stressful times – or in less stressful times to maintain your relaxation.

This book has as its focus “stress release” and comes not only with motivational and stress-busting quotes and another picture to color every time you turn the page, but it also has an extensive stress release ideas list to inspire you, and a place to write down all your own favorite stress relieving activities.

You can color first, or journal first then color. It`s up to you.

But I suggest you journal first about what it stressing you out at this moment. Then secondly journal about what you can do to fix the situation or, if not, then how to best reduce the stress.

Talk it out with yourself and often you may find that there is nothing to be stressed out about in the first place. Or you may well be in a busier than usual, more stressed situation where many people would be feeling stressed, in which case the same idea – talking it out with yourself in your journal – works beautifully.

Just sit down and unburden your poor little stressed out mind, heart and soul for as long as it takes to feel you’ve covered everything and got it all out there.

Once you’ve got all that out, you will probably be feeling better already.

Next start to journal about what will make things better.

What can you do to reduce the stress, or to feel less stressed about situations you can’t change?

Or even just to write down how things really are, without the imaginings of your mind which make it seem worse when you just allow your thoughts to wander.

For me this two-step process works extremely well.  I keep on journaling on the subject until the stress situation passes or is under control (in my mind as well as in reality.)

Here is the simple two-step process:

  1. Journal to unburden yourself of how you feel, what your fears are and about what is upsetting you. Just pour it all out into your journal. Take as long as you want. The more complete this part, the easier it is to succeed with the second part.
  2. Take a deep breath now it’s all out there, and turn your mind to what can make things better. This may involve actual actions or it may more take place in your mind, or both. Changing your mindset can, depending on the situation, be just as effective as changing the situation.

Extra help, motivation and encouragement come with the quote you will find each time you turn the page. They are there to help you let go of that stress.

And the pictures ready for you to color each time you turn the page, also help you let go and relax.

Journaling and coloring are wonderful tools whether you are stressed or not. They are plain and simply two of the healthiest tools available to keep your mind healthy, happy and focused.

And this book adds to that benefit by focusing on helping you through the stressful times in your life, making them easier to bear and giving you back the feeling of being in control.

I encourage you to Journal and Color your stress into oblivion. It works for me every time. I hope it works for you.

What things do you do, can you do that you know takes your mind off your stress?

Anything that releases you from worry and stress for even a few minutes belongs on your list of Favorite De-stressors (next page.)

Beyond this is a list of Suggested De-Stressor Activities for you to choose and mark whichever work best for you, or seem most appealing to try.

You may add them to your list here, or just highlight them on the original list.

Just keep adding your own to your list as you discover them.

When you’re feeling particularly stressed, just go to these lists and choose something that appeals to you at that moment so relax you more.

To your relaxation!

Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relief Journal & Inspirational Quotes
Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relief Journal & Inspirational Quotes:

Featuring Mandalas, Flowers & Whimsy

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