What is my biggest financial obstacle right now? Tarot & Handwriting Reading #7

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Whether you are interested in Tarot or just in Graphology, this article will take you through identifying 12 different traits in the writing. These are traits that will help identify the Querent’s biggest financial obstacle. They also affect their ability to achieve the success that is showing as possible for them in the Tarot reading at this time.

Biggest financial obstacle:3 card Tarot Spread: 3 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands and the King of Cups.

Tarot Reading:

Your efforts at work are beginning to reap rewards. You are feeling a sense of success as well as benefitting financially. There is both excitement and activity around you as this brings the good news you were hoping for.

Whether this is you or someone related to your work and financial future, the King of Cups shows an easy going character, likeable and kind.

Their biggest financial obstacle is that they may lack ambition or access to the energy needed to take things to the next level. They may also withdraw from any situation they suspect might be less than congenial thus missing opportunities.

Biggest financial obstacle: Example of writing of the Querent.

Handwriting Reading:

The Positives to overcome the biggest financial obstacle

This Querent shows that they work more on intuition (gaps between letters within script) rather than facts. But that said, they are generally objective (Upright writing) in their outlook. This will help them check their intuitive guidance to decide if it is reasonable before following it.

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However, they also show strong independent thinking (short stems on the ‘d’s) which is the tendency to go one’s own way and do one’s own thing. Because of this, what they consider reasonable may not be what others think reasonable. This writer will still go their own way regardless. 

They pay good attention to detail (‘i’ dots close to letter), are generally open to new ideas (space visible in the lower case ‘e’). In addition to the independent thinking, they are also very independent in general (Personal Pronoun “I” just a stick).

They have ambitious goals (high ‘t’ bar) in some areas while very much lacking the confidence or ambition to move ahead(low ‘t’ bar)  in others.

The Challenges: The Biggest Financial Obstacle

The easy going-ness of the King of Cups and his dislike of difficult situations shows in the writing in relatively short lived determination (short lower extenders) The low goals that are sometimes apparent and a lack of organizational ability (lower case ‘f’ not same size top and bottom) add to this. These create this Querent’s biggest financial obstacle.

In all, this is a pleasant personality who will not make waves, will go with the flow fluidity of thought shown in figure 8 lower case ‘s’) most of the time. They will also will rely on their intuition to take them where they should go.

This could stand in the way of financial benefit if that looks like requiring a staunch stance and lasting perseverance.


Things happening quickly, as shown in the cards, will have the King of Cups trying to decide on the best route. They will juggle between their objective, analytical (‘v’ formations in  ‘n’ and ‘m’ )  way of thinking and their strong intuitive impulses.

It would appear from the writing that the Querent  shares the personality traits of the King of Cups. Therefore it would be advisable for them to be conscious of this possible lack of drive and reluctance to ‘make waves’ as they move forward.

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