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I love new ideas. I love being engaged in multiple projects. Hence my various businesses, products and services.

At 16 I ran my first business. I posted a notice in the local post office that I would do clothing alterations. I found two things: one was that I had to spend the first 5 minutes explaining to customers that, yes, I was going to do the alterations – not my mother! And secondly, I really disliked doing alterations.

So that didn’t last long. But since then I’ve been involved in some kind of entrepreneurial venture constantly, often more than one at a time.

I trained in fashion design, graphic design (and interior design, although I’ve never made that into a business), graphology, career counselling, life coaching, and numerous online marketing/ web design related trainings. Brainstorming on any of these topics is pure joy to me!

I’ve always loved writing and journaling, and once I started to write books on my various businesses and experience, I learnt all about “Indie” (independent) publishing and how to get your word out there in print, in a variety of formats. That has morphed into my Creative Techie services.

Nowadays I write books and create online video courses on topics of Graphology and of Personal Development. And I give both online and local readings in Handwriting (Graphology), Tarot and, my current favorite, Tarot & Handwriting Readings.

The Tarot & Handwriting is fascinating and is such a natural combination that I wish I could get many more Tarot readers involved in doing it. It works marvelously and in fact my latest book is written for Tarot Readers to teach them how to add Graphology to their readings – “Tarot & Graphology: How to deepen your Tarot Readings with Handwriting.”

Tarot & Graphology: Deepen your Tarot Readings with Graphololgy.

I hope you find my site interesting and useful. Please contact me if I can help you, if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions – or just to say “hi.”

Fiona MacKay Young