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Fiona MacKay Young aCreative Personal Development for Happiness & Success


As a Career Counselor, Handwriting Analyst, Grapho-Therapist (Change your Life through Handwriting), Personal Development Enthusiast, Explorer of the Metaphysical World, lifelong Journal-er and avid Tarot reader.

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How to books

How-to Books 

On topics of:

  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Focused Journaling
  • Fabric Arts
  • Creative Techie Topics


My most popular book on Amazon is

Use Silk Scarves to Make Camisoles, Party and Tube Tops:
How to Sew 16 Easy, Inexpensive and Gorgeous Tops for Women

sew with scarves


Focused, Personal Journaling to Get What You Want  Journaling to get what you want


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Fiona MacKay Young